{ Manga }


Agharta (Bd.1-8)

Alpi The Soul Sender Bd.1

All you need is Kill

Aposimz Land der Puppen (Bd.1-6)

Appleseed (Bd.1,2,3,5)

Attack on Titan (Bd.1-30)

Battle Angel Alita

Battle Angel Alita Last Order (Bd.1-14,17-19)

Battle Angel Alita Mars Chronicles (Bd.1-7)

Battle Angel Alita Other Stories


Blade of the Immortal (Bd.1-18)

Blade of the Immortal Perfect Edition Bd.1-3


BLAME! Die Flucht der Elektrofischer (Master Edition)

Blood The Last Vampire

Bestiarius Bd.1-3

Captain Harlock The Classic Collection 1 (engl.)

Captain Harlock The Classic Collection 2 (engl.)

Captain Harlock The Classic Collection 3 (engl.)

Corpse Party Blood Covered

Corpse Party Book of Shadows

Dark Angel

Dark Angel Path of Destiny (Bd.1, US)

Dark Hideout

Dolly Kill Kill Bd.1

Dorohedoro 1

Dororo (Omnibus Edition, US)

Dominion (Masamune Shirow, engl.)

Eden It’s an Endless World

Ghost in the Shell (Feest Comics)

Ghost in the Shell, The (reRelease, unzensiert)

Ghost in the Shell 1.5 Human Error Processor

Ghost in the Shell 2 Manmachine Interface

Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex Bd. 1

GYO (2in1 Hardcover Deluxe Edition)

GYO Der Tod aus dem Meer (Carlsen Manga, Deluxe Edition)

Hiroki Endo Short Stories

I am a Hero (Bd.1)

I am a Hero in Osaka



Monster Perfect Edition (Carlsen Manga)

Monster (Bd.1-4)

MS Z Gundam Bd.1

Mushishi Perfect Edition Bd.1-8


No Guns Life Bd.1,2


Onimusha Night of Genesis (US)

Orion (Bd.1,2)

Pluto (Bd.1-6)

Poison City


Record of Lodoss War Die Chroniken von Flaim

Record of Lodoss War Die graue Hexe

Record of Grancrest War

Saat der Angst (Luxury Edition)

Sarah (Bd.1-4,6)

SHIVER (Carlsen Manga, Deluxe Edition)

Silent Möbius Complete Edition (engl.)

Silent Möbius 0

Silent Möbius Karma (engl.)

Space Battleship Yamato  The Classic Collection (engl.)


The Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past

the ring

the ring Birthday

the ring Spiral

TOMIE (Complete Deluxe Edition)

Uzumaki Spiral into Horror

Vagabound (Bd.1-26)

Vampire Hunter D (Bd.1,2)

Yokohama Station Fable Bd.1