{ Manga }


Agharta (Bd.1-8)

All you need is Kill

Aposimz Land der Puppen (Bd.1-3)

Appleseed (Bd.1,2,3,5)

Attack on Titan (Bd.1-15)

Battle Angel Alita

Battle Angel Alita Last Order (Bd.1-14,17-19)

Battle Angel Alita Mars Chronicles (Bd.1-6)

Battle Angel Alita Other Stories


Blade of the Immortal (Bd.1-18)


Blood The Last Vampire

Bestiarius Bd.1-3

Captain Harlock The Classic Collection 1 (engl.)

Captain Harlock The Classic Collection 2 (engl.)

Captain Harlock The Classic Collection 3 (engl.)

Corpse Party Blood Covered 

Dark Angel

Dark Angel Path of Destiny (Bd.1, US)

Dark Hideout

Dominion (Masamune Shirow, engl.)

Dororo (Omnibus Edition, US)

Dolly Kill Kill Bd. 1

Eden It’s an Endless World

Ghost in the Shell (Feest Comics)

Ghost in the Shell, The (reRelease, unzensiert)

Ghost in the Shell 1.5 Human Error Processor

Ghost in the Shell 2 Manmachine Interface

Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex Bd. 1

GYO (2in1 Hardcover Deluxe Edition)

Hiroki Endo Short Stories

I am a Hero (Bd.1)

I am a Hero in Osaka



Monster Perfect Edition Bd.1 – 3 (Carlsen Manga)

Monster (Bd.1-4)

MS Z Gundam Bd.1


No Guns Life Bd.1,2

Okitenemuru Bd.1-8

Onimusha Night of Genesis (US)

Orion (Bd.1,2)

Pluto (Bd.1-6)

Poison City


Record of Lodoss War Die Chroniken von Flaim

Record of Lodoss War Die graue Hexe

Record of Grancrest War (Bd.1-6)

Sarah (Bd.1-4,6)

Silent Möbius Complete Edition (engl.)

Silent Möbius 0

Silent Möbius Karma (engl.)


The Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past

the ring

the ring Birthday

the ring Spiral

TOMIE (Complete Deluxe Edition)

Uzumaki Spiral into Horror

Vagabound (Bd.1-26)

Vampire Hunter D (Bd.1,2)